3rd gen capital markets

Aren’t you glad we have an economy that invests in Zynga, Groupon, and Facebook, instead of next-gen power grids, schools, and transportation systems? Yeah, us neither. Here’s the ugly truth: Markets today do everything but allocate capital efficiently. During booms, they speculate in spectacularly useless junk that flames out fast (Congratulations, Zynga shareholders!). During downturns, they choke off credit and lending. It’s a lose/lose proposition: either way, the real economy, also known as anyone not worth over $25 million, suffers. It’s time to reinvent capital markets fit for the future. A next-gen capital market allocates capital to stuff that matters—instead of fools’ gold that glitters. A metamarket is a capital market for the natural, human, and social assets that comprise real wealth; in one, instruments are traded which reward the creation of real human prosperity. For example, instruments in a metamarket might insure participants against the loss of social capital or reward them for the creation of natural capital–instead of for melting the icecaps. Sound impossible? Renegades around the world are already taking up the challenge.

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