Here are just a few of the daunting challenges that, fearlessly, today’s mightiest corporations are taking on: designer diapers, kids’ perfume, inverted fast food sandwiches, and (our personal favourite) convincing the most obese nation in the world to eat a fourth meal. Forgive us for suggesting it, but: corporations are to the 21st century what the horse and carriage was to the 20th: quaint–but just about out of date. And let’s be honest: inside their gilded cages, the vast majority of us spend our lives working on PowerPoint presentations about how to add pointless features to disposable, banal, grody plastic junk so we can win “market share” in pointless battles in order to earn money to buy stuff we don’t need with money we don’t have to live lives we never really lived. Go ahead and burn us at the stake, but we think when it comes to the art of human effort, humanity’s capable of better. Here’s how to leap to the next level of human effort: forporations are corporate vehicles whose legal obligation isn’t just maximising paper, often-fictional “value” for tuned-out” shareholders”, never mind the consequences to the planet, people, society, and the future–but the formal, binding obligation to maximise making a tangible, lasting, positive difference to any and/or all of an organization’s many constituencies, whether the planet, people, society, or tomorrow’s generations.[dpsocialbar]

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