If you’ve often wondered how it’s possible for a single, plastic, perfectly-coiffed Senator, Congressman, or Parliamentarian to  accurately represent a district that isn’t composed of similarly plastic perfectly-coiffed clones, congratulations: the plain fact is it’s not. Hence, the idea that you, I, and every citizen of every democracy under the sun should only be represented by one legislator at a time is as obsolete as Wonder Bread–because it’s a recipe for democracies that stagnate, polarize, and wither. In single member constituencies,  the majority vote captures a single representative elected to a decision making body. Multimembership means building Parliaments and Senates on constituencies composed of multiple representatives, allocated proportionally to the vote. For example, in a 5 member constituency 3 members may be for the labour party and 2 for the green party, reflecting the votes in that constituency.

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