Peer to Peer Leadership

“Leaders”: feel much leadership lately? Like us, you’re probably wondering: why do we have plenty of leaders–but so little leadership? The inconvenient truth is that the idea of a chest-beating alpha-male heroic leader is an idea that was built  for sluggish, dull, plodding bureaucracies–not the flat, decentralized, nimble, organizations the 21st century demands. Whether for countries or companies, the idea of a leader is what’s standing in the way of leadership. Peer-to-peer leadership is founded on the idea of a plural executive:not a single “chieftain”–but many. As opposed to a president, a prime minister, or a chief executive, a plural executive give people in power the obligation to deliberate more, represent better, and be held more fully accountable, and stay less vulnerable to to fiat decision making, rent-seeking, and capture.

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