Positive Sum Voting


Pepsi versus Coke. McBurger vs Kentucky Fried Pink Slime. That’s what it seems many democracies boil down to: a choice between lesser evils. And if you’re wondering why your so-called democracy is, like many, plagued by an intractable two-party duopoly of fatcats gridlocked against one another, fortified against the future, lobbied by big money to do anything and everything but be something resembling a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, well, the simple fact is this: duopolies of the lowest common denominator are precisely what binary voting systems were designed to produce. Hence, the simple fact is: binary voting systems like the above are as obsolete as the internal combustion engine. The future demands voting systems that goes beyond either/or: positive sum voting systems, that let stagnant, failing, apathy-producing two party duopolies become thriving, dynamic, participative multi-party ecologies.

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