Asleep at the wheel: it’s one phrase that’s often been used to describe the boards of the world’s largest organizations over the last decade. Packed with insiders, more cronified than a neatly segregated country club, answerable to no one except their golfing buddies, accountable to no one except their caddies, most boards are only “boards” in the sense that they’re something like two-by-fours nailing the door to real human prosperity firmly shut. So perhaps it’s well past time to update them. Why can’t, for example, employees, customers, and community members–not just lizard-people golf-buddies–be part of boards? Why can’t, for example, boards overseeing (yawn) financial results be supervised by boards ensuring those financial results reflect actual results? Newsflash: in some places, they already are. We call them unboards, and we think they’re the key to rethinking organizations fit for the future.  

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